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Snuza SIDS Monitor

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The gift of a new life entering our world is one of the most precious blessings any person will ever experience. The only goal for a new parent is to keep their newborn safe and sound so they can grow up and enjoy a long, healthy life. Very unfortunately, that sometimes does not happen and the child’s life is tragically cut short. SIDS, standing for sudden infant death syndrome, is an incredibly horrific affliction that takes the lives of countless infants every year. Little is understood about this tragic happening, but doctors and medical professionals have been working for years on end to invent new technologies to aid and prevent this unfortunate occurrence.

Snuza SIDS monitor is one of the most important purchases you will ever make when it comes to protecting your child’s safety.

How Does This SIDS Monitor Work?

The product is attached to the side of your baby’s diaper and stays with the infant throughout the night. While you and your baby sleep, the SIDS monitor will keep track of the infant’s movements and take action if something irregular occurs.

For example, if the child doesn’t move after 15 seconds, a vibration will occur to wake the baby up and get everything back to normal. If after 20 seconds there is no movement in your precious infant, a much louder signal will alert whoever the child’s caretaker is. This truly is a priceless item to have in your home if you’re worried for your infant’s health as he sleeps.

How Is The Sensor Attached?

For ultimate sensitivity, resulting in added protection, the sensor is attached to a very flexible tip made of rubber which is then placed directly on top of the infant’s stomach. The product is battery powered which means there are no potentially harmful cords or cables which might entangle your child as he or she sleeps at night. To work properly and effectively, the rubber point must always be in direct contact with the infant’s stomach as this is how it properly monitors their movements throughout the night. If the tip should lose contact with the tummy and become unhooked from the diaper, an alarm will sound, alerting the caretaker or parent that they need to reattach the tip properly for maximum protection.

Is Snuza A Reliable And Trusted Brand?

Yes! Snuza is one of the most trusted brands of SIDS monitors on the market due to its reliability. The package comes included with one SIDS monitor, an instructional movie in DVD form which explains how to use the monitor properly, as well as explaining general health care and first aid instructions.

In addition to these bonuses, the package also includes a battery with a life expectancy of 1 full year, as well as a fashionable and durable travel slip case for the monitor itself. A very great value for a reliable price as it delivers an amazing service to you and your family.


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It’s not possible for a parent of a new infant to watch their child all the time. As much as you would like to be there for your baby at every moment of each day, it is simple impossible. Fortunately there are products like the SIDS monitor to aid you in watching your child, which is one of the best ways to keep an eye on their general well being while they’re out of your reach. Do yourself and your child a favor and look into a SIDS monitor.

SIDS is a fatal problem that no parent should ever have to deal with. If you’re a new or expecting parent, it is highly advised that you look into a SIDS monitor for your newborn child.

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